Monday, May 8, 2006

Ene's Scarf

the next installment of WIP domination: enter Ene.

Ene 2

there hasn't been much blogging about this project. a few measley entries way back in january (i had to check my archives to be sure). sometime in february i ripped it all out because of a 'creative difference' with the pattern. in order to be at peace with it, i knew i better start over or regret it later. after that... it was very slow going. until last weekend, when, with new resolve i knit about 70% of the shawl in marathon style.

and was it ever worth it! i'm very happy with how it turned out. we took some photos this weekend with the new recipient...

Ene 6

Pattern: Ene's Scarf by Nancy Bush
Source: Scarf Style (Interweave Press)
Materials: Blackberry Ridge Laceweight Wool/Silk in 'Willow'
Needles: US 5 circulars

Ene Sunlight 2 Ene 9

a quick note about the yarn: i loved it. i will definitely consider using it again in the future, although i wish there was more of a color selection. it softened after a wash, and the silk content adds a great subtle texture - little white flecks and the faintest hint of a sheen. i was really happy with how it worked out, and i love the blackberry ridge mill also.

finally, you know how it is... when you have something this beautiful... you just can't stop taking pictures of it. at least i couldn't. (theres more in the flickr set if you still aren't satisfied!!)

Ene Sunlight 1

head down, power through!


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