Thursday, March 26, 2009

Montera: Part Deux

I was rummaging through my photos today, as I'll often do when I'm seeking solace from stress (or when I'm just straight up procrastinating), and came across these pictures of the second version of the Montera Hat that I knit up at Christmas. After gifting this to a dear family friend, I completely forgot about the photos and hence forgot to share - good thing it didn't quite get away from us!

Montera Part Deux

Pattern: Montera Hat by Pam Allen [Ravel it!]
Source: Classic Elite Alpaca Stories
Yarn: Classic Elite Montera in 3875 Inca Grey; Just barely under one skein (pattern calls for two)
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm) and US 10 (6mm) circulars using the Magic Loop

When: Christmas Eve and surrounding hours, stuck in an airport due to snow storms.

Montera Part Deux

It's much the same story as the first one - aside from using a different yarn, they were both knit during snowstorm-induced airport hysteria (collective) at Christmas. Extra gift knitting, in retrospect was the silver lining of the story, if only a minor amount of silver proportional to the rest of the chaos. I'm over it though, can't you tell?

Montera Part Deux

My gauge on US 10's was slightly tighter than instructed by the pattern, although I like the finished product with slightly less slouch. I blocked the hat over a 10" lid to the pot we use to boil water for pasta - it's my go-to form for blocking the slouchy and tam-like. Cardboard circles cut from old boxes work well too. This accounts for the shaping you see, although it would fit more like a beanie without this. Knitter's preference!

Montera Part Deux

I squeaked in at just under one skein - it was a nail biter, since I only had that one skein and limited time. If you knit one, I'd play it safe and grab an extra skein. If you end up making it with just one, you can be sure you'll have enough yarn for another! I guess I should mention the one skein trick didn't include the survival of my swatch - I used everything.

Montera Part Deux

Last week was "Spring Break" (term used loosely) - although I did take a day or two off for myself to knit, think, and re-acquaint myself with my spring priorities. The weather is warming up slowly but surely and the Perfect Storm of spring, as I've affectionately dubbed the coming season for myself is on its way. The good news is that I'm really having a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel moment and there are some really exciting things on the near horizon - I'm really looking forward to sharing these with you, faithful friends! I'm entertaining the idea of taking summer off and knitting next to my air conditioner for three months as an effective transition into a new chapter... sounds good (and not at all irresponsible), doesn't it?


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