Monday, February 19, 2007

Two shawls going on

I've been knitting on two pieces from Victorian Lace Today. During the day, I work on the Syrian Shawl in Kidsilk Night in the Macbeth color. The yarn is too dark and fuzzy to see well by lamplight, so I work on it by day next to a window. Since I've added the wide point lace edging in place of the one in the pattern, this is a long term project. Very worth it, though.

By night, I'm working on the Scarf with Number 20 Edging in Louet Kidlin Pixie in the Colorado Spruce color. I love this yarn in all it's colorways. I may do something wider in the center section of this pattern, however. It's a fast and easy knit, once you get on to the chart and the rows are far. I have a couple more photos on my blog.


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