Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Charting the course

I thought I might share my method of madness on how I keep track of where I'm at on my lace pattern charts. I know everyone has something they do that really works for them. I just thought I'd share mine. I purchased this here for a start.
And trust me, it's made it so much easier. I took the VLT book and photocopied the chart, then I increased the size of the photo to help make it larger for reading. Then I highlight specific instructions that are important to remember. I also have a place for keeping track of which row I'm on and how many repeats I've done. (Row counters just don't work for me.)So no matter if I end up not knitting for a day or two, I'll always know exactly where I'm at and where I'm headed. What works best for you??
**I've changed the pictures out since I wasn't really trying to give the pattern away free. I attached the post-it notes to the chart to help hide details. If you like the pattern, trust me - BUY the book - it's well worth it!


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