Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hi, I'm new to this knitalong

Hi everyone. I discovered this blog a few days ago and think its a brilliant KAL. I asked my inlaws for Victorian lace Today OR 'Gathering of Lace' for Christmas. And they got me both. YEAH!!!! VTL is much better though I think than the other book. I first started one scarf (can't remember the name now) but wasn't that happy with it so I frogged it and started 'Alpine Scarf' instead. I didn't notice that it said 'Experienced lace' before I started and actually apart from the border it's not difficult at all. The border is knitted in one piece with the centre panel, it's not one you knit on afterwards. But it does have lace knitting on every row. Only two rest rows in the 16 row border repeat. And to start with you have to do the border repeat several times and then once you start the main panel it's only on each side. The centre repeat is very easy. The lace every row got me into trouble a few times. If you miss a yo, it's difficult to spot it and unpicking is a nightmare too. but it's growing quickly.

This picture was taken a few days ago and Ive got much further since. I reckon I'm about half way or just over. Not sure if mine will end up being the same size as the one in the book. I'm using Posh Yarn's Sophia 2ply lace yarn ( that's 100% cashmere) and it's gorgeous to knit with. I've got 3 skeins and thought I'd use up all of it (they're only 55g each and it's about 1200 yrds in total I think).

Good luck to everyone else. All your pics are brilliant. I keep looking at the book to decide my next project and think it'll be the 'Torchon & 'something' shawl'. Tehre is also a yellow, diamon one I really like. I've been trying to match projects to the lace yarn I already have in my stash.


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