Friday, January 26, 2007


I just took some photos of my Alpine scarf to post on my blog and here to show the progress as I'm nearing the end. And as I laid it out on the floor I noticed this:

What you may ask? Or you may scream out 'oh no'!!! like I did straight away. As it lay on the floor in front of me I noticed the tide mark. I've used two skeins so far and although they're handdyed they were purchased together and I thought they were the same colour and in the skein they didn't look any different. But they do now. I'm about to start the third skein and if it's same as the first colour I can pretend it's supposed to be that way but if it's like the 2nd skein what do I do? I've spent two weeks on this scarf and love it. Don't want to frog it either. I'm absolutely devastated!!!!


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