Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Small Beginning

Last night I decided I couldn't let my ignorance of the crochet cast-on keep me from starting a scarf from VLT any longer. The cast-on was so much easier than I had anticipated; I'm kicking myself now for having stalled. My DH and I wanted to watch a rented DVD last night (Inside Man, very good), and so I had only a little time to knit lace. Even though this is easy lace, I didn't think I could keep track of a bank heist movie and mistake-free lace simultaneously.

I started the scarf with striped border from pg. 80 in Berry Sea Silk. Two repeats of the first wide border done.
The Sea Silk is working well for me so far. I am not accustomed to knitting such fine yarn on such large needles, but I think I like the outcome so far. I'll decide after finishing this border if I want to rip and try a smaller needle (I'm using the size 7 called for in the pattern).

Hope is also knitting this scarf in a pretty espersso color (scroll down)(she is much farther along than I am), and I hope I can get mine to look as nice.


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