Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stitches do not exist?

Hey, Y'all! Like all of you, I am completely enthralled with the beautiful scarves and shawls to be knit from this book. Last night I started the "Scarf with French trellis border and bramble leaf center" on page 98. The yarn was (is) Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Unfortunately, after about 10 rows I realized I had made an error at the beginning and ripped the whole thing out. And I'm not sure I am going to like that yarn choice. Has anybody else made this scarf yet?

Knitting from charts is new to me, although I have made several lace items before. Having said that, Chart B has confused me. What is the deal with the square in the middle of rows 3 and 4 that says "Stitches do not exist in the area of chart?" What do I do when I get to that part? Will it be obvious once I get there?


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