Saturday, February 17, 2007

Confused - And a Question

First off, I've finished the Alpine Lace and it's currently blocking......I hope you have a picture for you to see in the next day or so.
Ok, so here's where I'm confused and I have a question........I've started on my next project...The Double Border Scarf on page 104. I get that you are not working the same row on each side of the scarf as you knit it....but what I don't get is this for I'm working, say row 1 of the twenty row repeat....first border side I'm actually purling (row 2 on Chart B) for the first 25 8 stitches I'm purling (row 2 Chart A)...ok....with me so for the next 25 stitches, I'm doing row 1 of chart's the confused I purling row 1 (because I AM on the WS) and do I go left to right on the chart or right to left?
Has anyone done this scarf yet or can anyone help me read the instructions.....I've even tried looking at the photographes in the book and I can't tell really if when I'm looking directly at the scarf is the right side (first 25 stitches) knitted and the left side (last 25 stitches ) purled..............I'm SOOOOOO CONNNFFUUUSSSSEEEDDDD!!!


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