Monday, February 19, 2007

Fine tuning those needles

I know everyone has their favorite needles to knit particular projects with. For lace I alway like to use bamboo. Angela commented on her post last week that she takes sandpaper to hers to be that good point on them, then coats them with clear fingernail polish.
I personally use a fingernail file, it gives me the control that I want so I don't get too excited and take too much off. The bottom one in the picture is the one that I've filed and the top is how it came out of the package (these are Clover). You can see it's a subtle thing, but I now have a better point on my needles to help pick up those wonderful lace yarns. I don't put a finish on mine since I read somewhere (heck if I can recall where) that fibers, i.e. wool, alpaca, cashmere will put their oils back into the needle as you knit with them. I found this to be true. I'm not leaving a rough finish on the needles to cause problems with snags and it doesn't take long for the oils to do their thing.


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