Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Black yarn!

Wow is Kidsilk Haze ever black. LOL It's like a hole that absorbs all light and won't let any get by. It's stunning. I haven't ever knit with this yarn before, and I'm totally loving it. Amazing how well it fuzzes out when it's knit, compared with how it looks on the ball.

I'm knitting the Melon shawl from the cover. Except for an occasional yarn over and knit 2 together it's a simple purl across the back, which is perfect for this dead-of-night black yarn. I've only knit triangular shawls before, so this is a real change for me. Enjoying it so far. Nice to have simple, straight-forward rows.

I have one other photo, a shot where you can see the whole thing so far, in my blog.


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