Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lucky me

In the last week, I have received two generous gifts from knitfiends... little did either of them know, it was my birthday Sunday. Ha! Great timing, no?

After seeing
this shawl, i was blubbering to kris about that great yarn (laceweight crimson tweed?!). What did she do? She sent me her leftovers! This week a package arrived fresh from Norway, and that color definitely perked me right out of my Monday funk.

Spinni Tweed

That's Isager Spinni Tweed laceweight wool - 100g skeins with 600 yds a piece. And as easily as that, the lace bug has been resurrected. I'm on the hunt for a good project for this stuff now. Thank you, Kris!

And last week,
Lisa sent over the pattern for 'Scott' (Rowan Classic Winter) from Portland. It was just the motivation I needed to go ahead and make the purchase I had been planning for my very own birthday gift (to myself). I am now stocked with a healthy supply of Soft Tweed and looking forward to digging in sometime in the early fall (probably late summer, who am I kidding).

RYC Soft Tweed

I've been wanting to make this sweater for a looong time, so I'm happy to say that its finally a reality. And, by the way, have you felt Soft Tweed? hehehehehehhhahhah, glorious! its cackle-worthy.

Thanks, you two!


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