Saturday, January 24, 2009

finished socks

Well here they are. My second pair of socks. This pair didn't take nearly as long as the first. They're not very fancy, but I'm not a very fancy guy.

I used Jarbo Garn's Raggi sock yarn, (100g, 150m, 70% superwash wool, and 30% nylon), knitted on US #6 needles, one ball per sock, (size 13 EEE), toe-up, Magic Loop, Judy Becker's Magic cast on, Encroachment Heel, and sewn bind-off.

(wow, that's a mouthfull)

I'm already planning my second pair. I'm using Socks That Rock medium weight, colorway Valkyrie. I'd like to try the "Fleagle Heel" on these, but can't find directions on line anywhere. (Hockeymom........ HELP!!!!!) I think I'll dress these up with some cables too.

Now there seems to be a little problem developing. As you know, I have acquired a wee bit of a yarn stash. Within this stash, there is practically NO sock yarn. As you sock knitters know, you must use sock yarn to knit socks. (don't you?) I could knit other things, but right now, I want to knit socks. I'm really trying to refrain from buying more sock yarn. I do have enough to knit four more pairs, and that should be enough for now, ..............right?

(heaven help me)

And now for the weekly weigh in. I did practically NOTHING as far as diet and exercise go this past week. OK, I did try to get in a little more fiber in my diet, (oatmeal cookies), but that was about it. I now weigh 284.4, so I lost .4 lbs. I'm hoping for bigger numbers next week.


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