Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello everyone...

Phew... boy is it hard to get logged in to this beta blogger website :)

I have a catastrophy to share... I have not decided what to do exactely with my disaster, but it might be less huge when I share it.

A while ago, I started the Cap Shawl (don't know the page number). It is the circular shawl. I got through the "boring" part pretty fast, but not fast enough. I started on the second part and needed to use markers between the different repeats. Something I haven't had to do since my first lace project just short of 2 years ago. Maybe this should have been a hint... a sign from the knitting universe.

Earlier this week I was knitting along merrily when suddenly I realised that although the first part of each repeat (where you have the viney pattern going) was working out correctly, the yarnover/slanty part of several wedges was not correct. In some I had more than the 7 yo-/ combinations I should have had and in some less... Guess I messed up when I put my markers in.

I now have to decided if

  • I'm going to try and locate the end of the first part of the shawl, thread a string through all the stitches on that row, remove the needles and rip to the string
  • or I'm going to remove the needles, rip it all and start over... including those close to 90 rows of that yarn over k2tog part that I hated to knit
Good thing I have another shawl I can concentrate on in the mean time as it needs to be finished by monday, cos it makes me tear up just thinking about this whole debacle.
One thing's for sure... next time I'm going to use markers from the start...

Cheers, Eva


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