Friday, April 27, 2007

A new start

I've been wanting to knit another shawl. Shawl knitting must be at least as addictive as sock knitting. Once you finish one, well, you're sunk. They're so wonderfully satisfying to make! I have this green mystery yarn...

I've had it for years. Found it recently when I was digging through my stash. I think it's a wool blend, but don't even know that much for sure. It's certainly soft, and it has a nice sheen to it. It's a braid or chain or something, not a twist, so has an interesting texture, too. Plus, on top of all that, it's slippery as all get out. I've already dropped a stitch, and had to back up a bit to recover it properly. I'll definitely be operating with lifelines for this one. I'm only up to row 27 of the handsome triangle on page 32, but wanted to show you. Totally jazzed. New shawl project on the needles. I'm a happy camper.



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