Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Double Border Scarf

Apparently....well.....I'm addicted to this scarf.....can't get enough of it. I had bought 2 skeins of Rowan - Kidsilk haze for a scarf...any scarf, just to do another one from this book.But no, what do I do...I co another Double's like I can't help myself. The yarn is such a beautiful color, more of a fuscia than I can get my camera to show you.

I'm about half way through and should just-about-have-enough to do 19 repeats (instead of 20) but I've also downsized the needle to a size 6 to help make the scarf long enough. I don't want to chance getting on the 20th repeat and to about row 18 then run out of yarn....[just my luck] I'll stop with the 19th repeat. This one is likely to go into the 'Christmas stash' too...we'll see.


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