Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From Cherry Leaf to Handsome Triangle

My first attempt at knitting a shawl from this book has been abandoned. This is the Shoulder Shawl in the Cherry Leaf Pattern from page 134, but after noticing the "stripe" going through it, I tossed it into a bag and put it in a "time out".

The yarn is variegated Graceful laceweight yarn I purchased at Stitches West from the Yarn Place. When I saw the skein, I fell in love with it and I still do love the yarn, but all the color changes were gradual until the "stripe" section. The yarn was a dream to work with, but since I don't like the look of the shawl, I've given it up for something else.

This is the beginnings of A Handsome Triangle on page 32. The yarn is dark navy Grignasco Regina that I purchased when I was with Laura at our LYS. I've completed 80 of the 212 rows and although it says it's an intermediate pattern, I'm really not finding it all that difficult. Maybe the practice from the other shawl helped though. If all goes well, this should be a nice present for my mother-in-law (mum) for her June birthday.

On a side note, if you click the photo to make larger, you'll notice the perfect laceweight stitchmarkers from Team Entrelac. There's not a single open gap or rough edge (burr), so they are ideal!


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