Thursday, March 22, 2007

Border Story

Border Story
I'm working on the Victoria Shawl at themoment. This is my first shawl with a knitted on border. Doing the border has been worrying me quite a bit. finished the main rectangle last night and when I got up at 4.30am I got started on the border (no, didn't intend getting up that early, but excruciating headache meant I had to). Only problem was that reading the chart and looking down at my knitting agreevated my neck pain and made the already bad head ache worse. (I suffer from chronic neck/back pain and have had awful headaches on and off since Monday).

I've now done 5 repeats of the pattern and it's going brilliantly. It's actually quite easy. I was worried about the joins but it's easy when you actually sit there with your knititng in front of you and have to do it. Culd't work it out when i read through the instructions beforehand.

I was hoping ot have this ready to post to Norway on Saturday but don't think that's going to happen. Think the border will take more time than I thought.It's patterning on every row. So I'm aiming for Monday.

The shawl is for my Mum. She's going to Spain on holiday on 30th March and would love the shawl before she goes but she lives in Norway (I live int heUK) so it depends on how quickly I can get it finished and how long the post takes. Can take anything from about 3 days to 3 weeks.


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