Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carolyn's Alpine Lace - Finished!

Yarn: 60 grams of Blueberry Graceful from the Yarn Place.
Needles: Size 2 US/2.75 mm
Blocked size: 19"x72"
Alterations: Scarf worked with 7 multiples of diamonds, and 5 multiples of the center leaf pattern. Seventy-two repeats.

Now, the pattern calls for 37 repeats, so I figured I'd need an odd number. Unless they're not counting the first time chart B is worked in that 37, though, I can't figure it out. 8 rows of garter before chart B - 1/2 a diamond. 8 rows of garter after all the leaves - another 1/2 diamond. And there needs to be an even number of repeats in the middle to have complete diamonds.

My next shawl is going to be a worsted weight cardigan. After that ... who knows!


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