Thursday, March 1, 2007

One more p. 80 scarf in progress

Hello! I've been reading for a while now, and have been so inspired by what everyone is making!

This is my very first lace knitting, so I wanted something as simple as possible out of this lovely book. The scarf on p. 80 has a ground pattern that qualifies as "mindless knitting," and, while it does have a bit of knitted-on border, doesn't require taking it around corners... so that's where I'm starting.

My indulgence is the yarn: Sea Silk in the Sangria colorway, knit on Denise size 7's. Soft soft soft fuschia coral red did I say soft enough times? SOFT.

I saw in this entry that others had gotten a slanted join between the border and the body. My sample swatch had a huge bias, too, so I'm alternating decrease slants from row to row (but is that ahistorical?).

Oh, and I did 4 rows of eyelets per point in the border, and have been adjusting the width of the garter stitch edge to make the yarn pool a bit more (!), and I'll probably run it to 150 repeats of the ground instead of 110...


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